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The authors were invited to undertake a current state analysis of enterprise learning management system (LMS) use in a large research-intensive university, to provide data to inform and guide an LMS review and strategic planning process. Using a new e-learning analytics platform, combined with data visualization and participant observation, they prepared a detailed snapshot of current LMS use patterns and trends and their relationship to student learning outcomes. This paper
discusses the reality that the institutional planning process was nonetheless dominated by technical concerns, and made little use of the intelligence revealed by the analytics process. To explain this phenomenon, the authors consider theories of change management and resistance to innovation, and argue that to have meaningful impact, learning analytics proponents must also delve into the socio-technical sphere to ensure that learning analytics data are presented to those involved in strategic institutional planning in ways that have the power to motivate organizational adoption and cultural change.

Citation: Macfadyen, Leah P, & Dawson, Shane. (2012). Numbers Are Not Enough. Why e-Learning Analytics Failed To Inform an Institutional Strategic Plan Educational Technology & Society, 15(3), 149-163.