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This study used main path analysis on Wikiversity data to identify core topics in the areas of biology and electrical engineering. The results could be useful for the Wikiversity community as a whole. They point to the need for better coordination of the disparate topics in a domain. They could be used to orient participants by showing them the importance of the topic they are working on, and by revealing important reference points to other core topics in the field. Seeing the main paths could prompt a new contributor to add to an existing strand of knowledge development or to start a new peripheral one. Advanced participants in the community might benefit from the analysis as an historical reconstruction of the shared knowledge-building process, comparing their own visions and goals with the actual knowledge development of the community and identifying topical gaps. The paper presents analysis steps in detail, including a description of a tool environment that is designed for flexible use by noncomputer experts.

Citation: Halatchliyski, Iassen, Hecking, Tobias, Gohnert, Tilman, & Hoppe, H Ulrich. (2014). Analyzing the main paths of knowledge evolution and contributor roles in an open learning community. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(2), 72-93. | Url: http://epress.lib.uts.edu.au/journals/index.php/JLA/issue/archive