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SABER-Education Management Information Systems (SABER-EMIS) aims to help countries improve data collection, data and system management, and data use in decision making, with the aim of improving different elements of the education system and contributing to the end goal of improving learning for all children and youth.

SABER-EMIS assesses the effectiveness of an EMIS with the aim of informing policy dialogue and helping countries monitor overall progress related to education inputs, processes and outcomes. It does this by:

  • administering a set of tools and gathering qualitative and quantitative data (validated by legal documents) in order to assess the soundness of an information system.
  • classifying and analysing existing education management information systems based on four policy areas (below).
  • producing country reports and other knowledge products with the intention of improving a country’s education system.

Four key policy areas are assessed: enabling environment, system soundness, quality data and utilisation for decision making.

Citation: World Bank Group (2015), Systems Approach for Better Education Results: Education Management Information Systems (SABER-EMIS), available online at http://saber.worldbank.org/index.cfm?indx=8&tb=2 | Url: http://saber.worldbank.org/index.cfm?indx=8&tb=2