Type: Evidence | Proposition: A: Learning | Polarity: Positive | Sector: Universities | Country: United KingdomEvidence of the month: April 2016 This report documents the emerging uses of learning analytics in the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom. Through a series of 11 case studies, it presents an overview of the evidence currently available ...continue reading

Type: Evidence | Proposition: D: Ethics | Polarity: Positive | Sector: Schools | Country: SpainEvidence of the month: February 2015 The field of learning analytics is working to define frameworks that can structure the legal and ethical issues that scholars and practitioners have to take into account when planning and applying analytics to their learning ...continue reading

Type: Evidence | Proposition: B: Teaching | Polarity: Neutral/mixed | Sector: Schools | Country: AustriaAbstract: Understanding the behavior of learners within learning applications and analyzing the factors that may influence the learning process play a key role in designing and optimizing learning applications. In this work we focus on a specific application named “1x1 trainer” ...continue reading

Some of the evidence in the Hub is coded to show how it was gathered. Explore by type: ev-rct: includes at least one randomised controlled trial. ev-control: includes a control group, but is not randomised. Includes cohort studies (prospective and retrospective), case control studies, 'natural' experiments and correlational studies. ev-evaluation: primarily quantitative evaluation and/or feedback ...continue reading