Watershed LRS: All your learning data in one place

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Description of the product

All your learning data in one place. Watershed LRS is a learning analytics platform that provides actionable insights from your learning or performance data. We help our customers connect their learning and performance data sources to Watershed using xAPI and then provide reports to support evaluation.

  • Real-Time Aggregation - Get data from everywhere, into one place.
  • Intuitive Report Explorer - Explore your data in beautiful, easy to create reports.
  • Snapshot Sharing - Share your insights and the reports you create.
  • Comprehensive Learner Transcript - Understand each learner's transcripts across the entire ecosystem.
  • Learning Program Insights - Access high-level insights into the effectiveness of your programs.
  • Dedicated Advisers - We have a team of technology and learning experts dedicated to helping you along the way.

See http://www.watershedlrs.com/ for more details.

Unique Selling Propositions

  • Beautiful reports that are easy to create and use.
  • Advice and support from experts in learning, evaluation and technology.
  • Fully xAPI conformant LRS from the world's foremost experts in the xAPI specification.

Your Company

Watershed is part of Rustici Software based in Nashville, Tennessee and with customers and partners located across the globe. Watershed are thought leaders in Learning Evaluation, offering pioneering new technology to support the complete Evaluation process. Rustici Software created the original xAPI specification and members of Rustici Software and Watershed teams continue to lead in the community stewarding the future development the specification. See http://www.watershedlrs.com/request-demo for contact details and to get in touch.