Student Success Plan

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Student Success Plan (SSP) is software to support case management of student support: counselling, coaching, pastoral care, etc. It has light-weight data analytics, principally focussed on the management and enhancement of student support services, but is being adopted to support action-taking in relation to predictive analytics.

SSP is designed to improve retention, academic performance, persistence, graduation rates, and time to completion. Through counseling, web-based support systems, and proactive intervention techniques, students are identified, supported, and monitored. The software provides case management tools for: handling staff, student, and student-services communications, action planning, planning academic choices, alerting, student self-assessment, and progress monitoring.

SSP is not a single “out of the box” solution, but a set of configurable components adopting an open architecture such that they can be integrated into a variety of system landscapes. An Open Source Software edition is available, overseen by the Apereo Foundation.

[This synopsis originally coded by the LAEP project - Learning Analytics for European educational Policy]