Skillaware™: An innovative software tool for workplace based Performance Support and Learning Analytics

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Description of the product

The Skillaware™ Platform ( is a new software platform that combines the benefits of Electronic Performance Support, Business Process Improvement and Guidance and Online Learning & Knowledge Management, in order to help IT Departments to better engage, support and train their workforce and customers during the rollout and uptake of new digital platforms and software tools within their organizations. Skillaware™ uses new emerging interoperability standards in the area of Learning Analytics (e.g. Tin Can/Experience API from ADL), Business Process Management (e.g. BPMN 2.0 from OMG), Technical Documentation (e.g. DITA from OASIS) to support end user learning experiences during the on boarding of new procedures and platforms. The Skillaware platform is also part of a larger ecosystem named O.S.A.™, developed by the sedApta Manufacturing IT Group and interoperating three different service-oriented architectures using open standards and protocols to integrate the 3 Worlds of Business Process Orchestration, Support and Analytics. Learning Analytics are used by Skillaware in its two modules SkillAgent™ and SkillAnalyzer™, respectively using Learning Analytics to continuously monitor and track user performance and learning during the rollout of new software tools and processes across the company and to create real time data clips and dashboards for process managers and executives.

Unique Selling Propositions

The benefits and ROI of using an open standard-based infrastructure for relating Business Processes & Learning Analytics such as that used in Skillaware have been effectively showcased during several implementation projects. For instance, Skillaware was used for the roll out of new Warehouse and Supply Chain Management Systems within large Automotive Groups, new CRM and ERP platforms for Sales and Administration staff and for the support of call centre operators during decision taking and new product and services rollouts.

Some of the unique features of Skillaware are its ability to:

  • track the experience of an expert software user performing company processes, in order to automatically generate learning materials as technical documentation (PDF™, Word™, DITA™), videos with text-to-Speech, GPS-like software navigation guides, without additional costs for the company.
  • Help workforce “just-in-time, just enough” during software usage, delivering a rule-based & expert-based step-by-step decisional support on process execution. Learning materials are available during the execution of the process as well as before and after it, as traditional learning objects and materials.
  • Continuously monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) of workforce aggregating data through analysing and reporting dashboards useful for company supervisor to identify in which part of the process employees need more or specific support and guidance.

Your Company

Skillaware™ is a new start-up launched in 2015 by the sedApta Group, a new International Manufacturing IT Holding grouping manufacturing IT companies operating in Italy, Germany, USA, Brazil, Australia and South Africa. With a network of international partners and more than 300 active high-level manufacturing customers.

The EMEA HQ of Skillaware is based in the Silence Bay of Sestri Levante, North Western Italian Riviera, whilst the US HQ is based in Chicago.