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Schoolzilla provides a data warehouse and associated data dashboard targeted at the K-12 US market. It provides ‘connectors’ which allow data to be integrated into the system through nightly updates from multiple sources, e.g. assessment, behaviour, enrolment , grade, observation,and student information databases. Schoolzilla provides multiple views of this integrated data through a dashboard library. Representations for teachers, school leaders, school district leaders and system administrators are provided in the library, and these may be customised by system administrators through use of Tableau’s data visualisation products. Teachers can use dashboards such as the ‘Early warning signs’ report to identify at-risk students. For example, this particular dashboard brings together data on attendance, behaviour, and grades, and allows users to view data for schools as a whole, to compare schools (for district leaders) and to drill-down to view data about individuals. The quality of the data within the system may be monitored by system administrators using dashboards which present the results of data audits e.g. automatic checks for missing or malformed data.