Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI)

Type: Project

Description taken from

Jayaprakash, Sandeep M, Moody, Erik W, Lauría, Eitel J M, Regan, James R, & Baron, Joshua D. (2014). Early alert of academically at-risk students: an open source analytics initiative. Journal of Learning Analytics, 1(1), 6-47.
The Open Academic Analytics Initiative (OAAI), supported by a grant from EDUCAUSE’s Next Generation Learning Challenges program, which was funded in part by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has aimed to advance the field of Learning Analytics by exploring issues related to scaling this technology across all of higher education. In particular, the project has worked to address three core research questions:

1. What are the potential challenges, solutions, and benefits associated with developing a completely opensource early alert solution for higher education?

2. To what degree can predictive models be imported from the academic context (e.g., a fouryear private liberal arts college) in which they were developed to new and potentially very different academic contexts (e.g., twoyear community colleges)?

3. What intervention strategies are most effective in helping academically atrisk students succeed?