Latitude’s Learning Center LMS and the LatitudeCONNECT Suite

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Description of the product

Latitude's Learning Center is a scalable, robust and highly functional on-demand LMS built to manage the extended enterprise training programs for small and large companies, dealerships, franchises, and other partners. LatitudeCONNECT Suite gives you the tools you need to drive franchisor’s (and partner) performance through the optimization of training, communications, measurements and incentives.

Latitude’s focused sector is in the workplace, but more specifically in the extended enterprise space. This includes franchise, retail, customer, reseller, service channel, etc.

Latitude provides you the tools you need to drive partner performance through the optimization of training, communications, measurements and incentives.

Latitude provides solutions to manage the extended enterprise training programs for dealerships, franchises, and other partners. Our user-centric portal interface delivers audience appropriate, multi-media content allowing users to effortlessly access current training opportunities, manage their educational progress, receive updated information, obtain alerts, and participate in incentive programs.

Latitude’s cloud-based software is highly customizable and includes administrator controlled branding, performance-based certification, location specific course controls, extensive user management components, and much more.

Our In-depth reporting and analytic tools are highly configurable to provide the accurate and timely information critical to impacting bottom-line performance, giving you the ability to create powerful scorecards that accurately track, access, and predict the progress of your partner network.

Unique Selling Propositions

Latitude’s Learning Management System is designed for training managers who manage franchise (or partner) training programs. Latitude’s Learning Center is a top-rated cloud-based LMS built for franchisors (or partners). Unlike most LMSs which were built to manage corporate training programs, Latitude’s Learning Center addresses the unique challenges of administering franchise (or training) programs.

Latitude knows the training challenges of franchisors and partner training:

  • Employees are unknown
  • No management command and control
  • Employees work at multiple units
  • Owners own multiple units
  • Supported my multiple field organizations
  • Unique and successful business model

Description of the company

For over 30 years, Latitude’s professionals have helped organizations large and small use technology to drive partner performance. Our clients range from training firms and middle-market companies to Fortune 1000 enterprises and leading non-profit organizations.

Clients rely on our software and consulting to help them optimize channel performance and improve the effectiveness of their training and certification programs.

In 2005 Latitude Learning was formed when Latitude Consulting Group acquired Novations Learning Technologies.  Since 1995, Novations Learning Technologies had been providing robust e-learning and learning management solutions to Fortune 1000 companies.  At the time the Ready Solutions LMS was sold only as commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software to large Fortune 1000 companies.

In late 2008, after significantly enhancing the LMS, Latitude rechristened the Ready Solutions LMS as the Latitude Learning LMS.  Latitude then launched, a cloud version of the Latitude Learning LMS, to a select group of clients.

Today over 3 million users, in thousands of organizations around the world, have benefited from the Latitude Learning LMS.

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