FFT Aspire

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FFT, the Fischer Family Trust, is an UK non-profit organisation that provides services for UK based education, such as the National Pupil Database for the DFE and school analyses.

The software FFT Aspire is a data analysis and reporting tool for schools. It provides several dashboards showing facets of school performance, such as past attainment, progression, attendance, or future performance estimates. It targets several users groups, such as teachers, subject leaders, department heads, senior school leaders, advisors, local authorities, and governors.

The range of dashboards includes an overall school dashboard, a subject dashboard for department heads, subject leaders, and teachers, a governor dashboard (helping schools to share information with governors), a student explorer dashboard, a collaboration dashboard (compare school performance with other schools), and a target setting dashboard (school performance targets). Furthermore, the tool allows to create custom analyses and dashboards such as a 3 year dashboard, SEN pupils only dashboard, high attainers dashboard, etc.

[This synopsis originally coded by the LAEP project - Learning Analytics for European educational Policy https://laepanalytics.wordpress.com/]

Resource Link: https://fftaspire.org/