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Description of the product

eXact learning solutions (ELS) is a leading, business solution provider in the field of Digital Learning Content Management and it supports fast-paced, international organizations with the need to produce, manage and deliver high-volumes of professional and consistent learning and knowledge content. Its content lifecycle care solutions include collaborative content creation, structured and workflow-based content management, and multiple output delivery of content in any desired format.

The eXact learning suite comprises:

  • eXact learning LCMS – Multi-domain, workflow-based and collaborative framework supporting large digital content production infrastructures.
  • eXact learning Packager – Collaborative authoring suite including online and offline tools sharing an open, XML based templating technology.
  • eXact learning Mobile – The ultimate fully standards-compliant mobile delivery solution for digital training on Android and IOS devices.

The eXact learning suite is fully compliant with the e-learning industry’s standards such as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC and the Experience API (xAPI).

Dealing with privacy, ELS supplies customers that have high requirements in terms of quality and security like banks, healthcare organizations, military organizations, etc. Thus, the access to the suite is based on credentials, which can be encrypted and supplemented with external techniques, such as whitelist, certificates and use of HTTPS. The system allows to set access and modification restrictions through a variety of modalities, including direct permission assignment through fully configurable user roles, group/project/course enrolment, as well as workflow/process based access (timely access limited to the execution of an authoring/review task). Additionally, eXact learning solutions is a ISO 9001 certified company.

The eXact learning suite allows to create content compliant with SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC standards and uses xAPI to track learners performances and capture each interaction with the learning content in a xAPI-compliant Learning Record Store, from where they can be analysed to evaluate learning effectiveness.

Company intro:

Unique Selling Propositions

  • Powerful, extensible, and customizable authoring tool options: Our tools allow for the customization and tailoring of templates and workflows the meet our client’s requirements in a manner that is the best fit for their circumstances.
  • R&D is in our DNA: Since the very beginning, R&D has been a key skillset and mentality of our organization. Our senior professionals were working on wearable computing and other cutting edge technology years before organizations such as Google and Apple were preparing their earliest commercial offerings.
  • Multi-dimensional Template-based architecture: eXact learning goes beyond the basic concept of separating content from presentation to facilitate basic templating technology, to further separate content from: branding, standard, modality, packaging, metadata application profile, ancillary “attached” technologies (e.g. plug-ins), language.

Company Profile

The company was originally founded in the nineties as Giunti Interactive Labs (then renamed Giunti Labs).

Rebranded in August 2010 to eXact learning solutions, the company was acquired in January 2013 by LATTANZIO Group, a solid and fast growing Italian management consulting firm operating, internationally, in the Public Administration and Corporate markets.

After the acquisition, eXact learning solutions was re-established as a new-co originating from the spin-off of the business unit named “learn eXact suite” and today is a company subject to the direction and coordination of EFG Srl, the company owning LATTANZIO Group and all related companies.

The company owns the full intellectual property rights of the eXact learning software suite together with its worldwide clients, projects and businesses. ELS has its registered office in Milan (Italy), its operational Headquarters in Genova (Italy), another office in Rome and a representative office in Washington DC (USA).

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