Doorbraakproject Onderwijs en ICT (breakthrough project education and ICT)

Type: Project | Country:

The “Doorbraakproject Onderwijs en ICT” (breakthrough project education and ICT)  supports schools, school boards, school leaders en teachers in their steps towards personalised education supported by ICT. The Doorbraakproject works on taking away barriers, and on creating a transferrable, integral and affordable approach voor schools in primary and secondary education. It is an initiative of the national councils for primary and secondary education, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Kennisnet acts as a secretary for this project. The project will run until 2018.

The Doorbraakproject is active on three levels:

  1. Schools
  2. Chain
  3. National


At the school level work is being undertaken to clarify the questions and needs schools have on working with ICT in the context of personalised learning. The questions and needs are clarified, strengthened and bundled towards suppliers of ICT solutions.


At the chain level work is being undertaken in developing methodologies, agreements and standards that are needed to have systems work together across the whole landscape of ICT systems schools use in their efforts towards personalised learning. Schools want safe, reliable and secure ways of accessing digital learning materials regardless of the supplier. Teachers and learners want quick and easy insight in their progress. The development and implementation of standards that will help in exchanging information on the learning process of the learner will be intensified.


At the national level work is being undertaken on creating agreements, safeguards and shaping conditions that are necessary to be able to better leverage ICT.