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Description of product

Degreed is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) learning solution that empowers individuals and organizations to discover, curate, access, share and track all kinds of academic, professional and informal learning in one system. Degreed integrates organizations’ internal learning systems (e.g. LMS, SharePoint sites, TMS) and their vendor content with more than 3 million free and low-cost open learning resources from 1300+ providers. Degreed helps solve corporate learning challenges with a single sign-on solution that streamlines learning experiences for L&D professionals and users.
Degreed is the only enterprise learning portal built “learner-first”: open library incorporating the entire learning ecosystem, customized “pathways” for specific roles or skills, sharing functions fostering collaboration, unlimited access on any device at any time, and a profile that follows the user beyond the workplace. Degreed is also management-friendly by reporting real-time analysis on what and how employees are learning.
Degreed provides a robust tool set for learner including: algorithmically generated recommendations, advanced search and filtering functions. L&D administrators have access to: curated learning pathways that mix and match content from various sources and formats, as well as social sharing features to facilitate learning and recognize employee accomplishments, motivating employees to accomplish even more.
FlexED by Degreed is the first flexible spending account for learning. With FlexEd, employees have a flexible spending account for self-directed learning -- that can be used to pay for learning content and experiences (e.g. seminars and live courses). This empowers learners with the flexibility and autonomy to choose their preferred resources and providers. FlexED allows management to monitor and improve the ROI of learning budgets by managing and tracking content purchases through a single, centralized system.

Learning Analytics : Degreed is the only solution that provides comprehensive reporting and analytics for all learning within an organization: formal and informal, classroom and online, mandatory and just because - giving an organization real insights into all the learning that is happening in the organization.
The Degreed Point System normalizes and summarizes an individual's full educational history, enabling skill profiling and a smart system that can better serve the learner by knowing what each individual knows. The science behind the scoring is patent pending and was informed by expert Larry Rosenberger, the former CEO of FICO and the man behind the science of the FICO credit score and David Wiley PhD, a global leader in instructional design and open education.
Points help learners gauge their progress and set quantified goals related to learning--regardless of provider or format of the learning.
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Unique Selling Propositions

  • Degreed is a unified learner experience - one place to measure and track all learning - the only learning portal that can provide insights into all the learning that is happening within an organization, and not just the mandatory training.
  • Degreed offers the ability to curate content, from any source, into a learning curriculums called Pathways. Degreed is the largest ecosystem of learning with 250,000 online learning courses from the top content providers, and 3 million informal learning activities from more than 1200 sources.
  • Degreed is a lifelong learning tool, built for the learner, with personalized recommendations that pull from the largest learning network on earth. Users have lifelong ownership of their profile, even if they choose to leave the organization that sponsored their account.

Description of the company

Individuals and organizations use Degreed to find, track, and recognize all learning. Degreed for me is a free consumer offering. Degreed for Business is a learning solution tailored to the needs of an Enterprise organization. Degreed’s mission is to ultimately revolutionize corporate learning and empower individual users to take full control of their learning in and out of their professional lives.
Founded in 2012, Degreed is a SaaS learning portal that finds, tracks and recognizes all lifelong learning activities. Aggregating over a million resources from 1300+ partner content providers, Degreed helps solve corporate learning challenges with a single sign-on solution that streamlines learning experiences for training professionals and learners. Degreed’s mission is to revolutionize corporate learning and empower individual users to take full control of their learning in and out of their professional lives.

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