Civitas Learning

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Civitas Learning is a US-based company that works directly with higher education institutions to build bespoke data science and learning analytics tools which utlise currently available student data. Stated potential data sources include virtual learning environments, social media, card swipes, libraries and housing, among others.

Civitas Learning’s Student Insights Platform aggregates student data and uses a variety of tools for analysis and visualisation. The Illume tool demonstrates historic and predictive student data for institutional leaders and student service providers. The Inspire for Faculty tool provides real-time analysis of student engagement and behaviours in specific modules, as well as data visualisation tools and predictive modeling. Similarly, the Inspire for Advisor tool visualises student performance and success across modules and predicts programme completion. Degree Map helps students and advisors make individual degree plans. Additionally, the tool helps teachers build module-specific Facebook Q&A sections. Finally, Civitas Learning provides a course scheduling platform for module enrollment.

These wide variety of tools are individually developed with partnering institutions to fit their analytics needs, so platform uses and data sources vary widely. Civitas currently work with over 70 partnering institutions in the USA.

[This synopsis originally coded by the LAEP project - Learning Analytics for European educational Policy]

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