Carnegie Learning: Cognitive Tutor Software

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Cognitive tutor is an intelligent tutoring software provided by the US company Carnegie Learning. This web-based software is mostly used to teach math to 9-12 grader students. The software provides personalised learning activities and customised feedback for several prepared math courses based on a domain, tutoring, and student skill models.

Two learning analytics relevant components of this software are the 'Skillometer' and the teacher reports. The 'Skillometer' is a visual indicator of students' progress in mastering skills. It gives the student an indicator of skill mastery for each achievable skill of a learning unit. The level of mastery shown by the tool expresses a prediction about the ability to demonstrate this skill in future again. The data for this visualisation stem from the tracking of the interaction of the student with the software.
Teachers are supported with several reports that are generated by the software. The class progress report shows unit by unit the amount of active students. The class skill alert report shows for each skill the skill mastery level for each student. The student detailed report shows for each student the amount of mastered skills, time spent, amount of completed units, sections, and problems. The detail by section report shows information for each student on a unit by unit level. Another report shows aggregated data for each unit. The student skill alert report shows units of underperformance. The class assessment reports allow to compare pre-test with post-test results by topic, or by problem on class level. The student assessment reports show pre-test and post-tests results by topic, or by problem on student level. These reports aim at supporting teachers with their instructional decision-making.

[This synopsis originally coded by the LAEP project - Learning Analytics for European educational Policy]