Theory in LA applications in formal and workplace learning

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This paper focuses on the necessity of theories and empirical data for the development of Learning Analytics in all the educational fields.

In a dedicated section, authors describe the issues that Learning Analytics are facing when it is applied to workplace learning, stating that "the current focus has been on formal education settings".

One of the main issues highlighted by authors is that "workplace learning is contextually embedded into the workplace tasks and most commonly occurs through informal opportunities", which are hardly catched and monitored by Learning Analytics.

Authors stated also two important differencec between workplace learning and formal learning:

  1. Upskilling and lifelong learning in the workforce are not necessarily associated to formal qualifications.
  2. Just-in-time learning that occurs during daily work is considerabily different from the formal learning sessions that characterized formal learning.
Citation: S. Dawson, N. Mirriahi, D. Gašević. (2015). Importance of theory in learning analytics in formal and workplace settings. Journal of Learning Analytics, 2(2), 1–4. | Url: