Semantic Visual Analytics for Today’s Programming Courses

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We designed and studied an innovative semantic visual learning analytics for orchestrating today's programming classes. The visual analytics integrates sources of learning activities by their content semantics. It automatically processs paper-based exams by associating sets of concepts to the exam questions. Results indicated the automatic concept extraction from exams were promising and could be a potential technological solution to address a real world issue. We also discovered that indexing effectiveness was especially prevalent for complex content by covering more comprehensive semantics. Subjective evaluation revealed that the dynamic concept indexing provided teachers with immediate feedback on producing more balanced exams.

Citation: Sharon Hsiao, Sesha Kumar Pandhalkudi Govindarajan and Yiling Lin (2016). "Semantic Visual Analytics for Today's Programming Courses". In Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Learning Analytics & Knowledge (LAK '16). ACM, New York.