Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Learning Outcomes: A Meta-Analysis

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Evidence of the month: August 2015

This meta-analysis looked at studies that compare learning outcomes for learners using Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) with learners using other learning opportunities. They found 107 studies. They found:

ITS were associated with greater achievement when compared to teacher-led group instruction, other sorts of computer instruction and textbooks.

There was no significant difference in outcomes between ITS and small-group or individualised human tutors.

The positive findings applied across all levels of education, and regardless of whether ITS were used as the main means of teaching, a supplement, part of a teacher-led strategy, or as a homework aid.

This is not a new finding: previous work has come to broadly similar conclusions. But it is a recent and large in scope.

Citation: Ma, W., Adesope, O. O., Nesbit, J. C., & Liu, Q. (2014). Intelligent tutoring systems and learning outcomes: A meta-analysis. Journal of Educational Psychology, 106(4), 901. | Url: