Higher level of granularity of context data let us better predict behaviour patterns

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Researchers set the educational context within limits in which previously it was almost impossible to infer behavior patterns, due to their high levels of granularity. In such advanced learning contexts, LA/EDM research community determines simple and/or sophisticated factors as predictors of performance and explores their predictive value and capabilities by tracking actual data and changes on behavioral data. The goal is to identify the most significant factors in order to develop better systems. These systems will allow students to monitor their own progress and will help them evaluate and adjust their learning strategies to improve their performance in terms of learning outcomes.

Citation: Papamitsiou, Z., & Economides, A. A. (2014). Learning Analytics and Educational Data Mining in Practice: A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Evidence. Educational Technology & Society, 17(4), 49�¢ï¿½ï¿½64.