Evidence of the Month: Plan Ceibal and the age of big data

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Evidence of the month: October 2015

Uruguay was the first country in the world to meet the target of one laptop per child. The programme that achieved this, Plan Ceibal, covers all public schools in Uruguay, and around 700,000 students and teachers now have their own device. The aim is to use this technology to support and develop learning and teaching.

Plan Ceibal also operates and integrates national-scale databases, populated with data from a range of management and educational activities. These include demographic data, performance data and system usage data.

This conference paper sets out some of the steps that will be required to implement a learning analytics strategy within Plan Ceibal. This has the potential to support and develop current technology and learning educational policies across the country.


Citation: Bailon, Martina, Carballo, Mauro, Cobo, Cristobal, Magnone, Soledad, Marconi, Cecilia, Mateu, Matias, & Susunday, Hernan. (2015). How can Plan Ceibal land into the age of big data? Paper presented at the Fourth International Conference on Data Analytics, Nice, France. | Url: http://www.fundacionceibal.edu.uy/en/news/learninganalytics-education-edtech-and-bigdata-challenging-attractive-opportunity

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