Adaptivity of Digital Learning resources

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The right mix of forms of control (in adaptive learning systems E.B.) can provide a positive contribution to the learning process of learners.

In this research report (in Dutch), the influence of digital learning resources with adaptive features and capabilities on student learning is assessed through a qualitative, exploratory research design.

In light of the introduction of Tailored education in August 2014 and the high expectations of the role that ICT could play, this report tries to provide insights into the extent to which certain adaptive characteristics and capabilities of digital programs can have a positive effect on student learning.

The study was conducted at 37 students divided between middle and upper primary education and class 2 HAVO / VWO of secondary education.

In the study 12 girls and 25 boys participated. Regarding the digital learning resources, the choice has been made for four digital learning resources / programs and learning tasks in the field of Language / Dutch.

The general question of the research is as follows:

What impact do adaptive characteristics and capabilities of digital learning resources have on student learning?

From the findings regarding the theoretical framework, the following research questions were formulated.

Regarding the theoretical framework following conclusions are drawn:

  • Little is known about the effects of adaptive digital learning resources
  • The effects seem to be especially in acquiring knowledge of highly structured knowledge domains and less in the acquisition of abstract and complex competencies
  • A form of shared control seems to be preferred over full learner control or complete control program
  • Teachers attach importance to adaptive learning systems in which students work independently and in which feedback and reflection are seen as key instructional goals
  • Especially elaborated feedback seems to have been effective.

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Citation: Reints, A., Roll, G. and Wilkens, H. (2014) Adaptiviteit van Digitale Leermiddelen, Expertisecentrum Leermiddelenontwikkeling Universiteit van Utrecht) | Url: