Supporting action research with learning analytics

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This paper seeks to unite learning analytics and action research. It investigates how the multitude of questions that arise during technology-enhanced teaching and learning can be systematically mapped to sets of indicators. It identifies questions that are not yet supported and proposes indicators that offer a high potential for positively influencing teachers’ didactical considerations. The investigation shows that many questions from teachers cannot be answered using the research tools that are currently available. Furthermore,
few learning analytics studies measure impact. The paper identifies effects that learning analytics could have on teaching and discusses how this could be evaluated.

Comment from Martyn Cooper: This is a meta-study and looks at a wide range of learning analytics tools. This paper highlights that the impact of learning analytics tools has not been evaluated.  It suggests how Action Research could contribute to addressing this. It is suggested that at this stage the inclusion of this paper in an evidence hub would be useful because it highlights the lack of evidence.

Citation: A. L. Dyckhoff, V. Lukarov, A. Muslim, M. A. Chatti and U. Schroeder (2013). Supporting action research with learning analytics. In: Third International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK13), 8-12 April, Leuven, Belgium. | Url: